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Holiday Car Freshies

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Marshmallow Peppermint Frosting: just like a sweet Christmas cookie with a hint of peppermint!

Texas Winter: like walking through a field of Christmas Tress!

Snow Blossom: freshly cut gardenias with a mist of peppermints!

Winterberry: a whimsical woodsy smell with a touch of sweet berries!

Bah Humbug: for the Ebenezer Scrooge in your life, but there is nothing negative about this scent, a sweet mix of incense smoke and a masculine cowboy!

Santa’s Workshop: when all of the elves gather around, a sweet vanilla with a hint of candy cane!

Cowboy Christmas: A unique blend of oils to remind you of a special time of year with the smell of garland and festivities.

Santa’s Cookies: freshly baked snickerdoodles, right out of Mrs. Claus’s oven!

Sugar Plum Dreams: what you would imagine the inside of Cindy Lou Who’s room to smell like, sweet & simple! 

Silent Night: like the night before Christmas after a fresh bed of snow has fallen! 




PLEASE NOTE: Shapes will be sent out randomly from what is in stock for your fragrance. Shapes vary from Christmas Trees, Snowflakes, Candy Canes to Stars, Wreaths, Reindeer and so on.